Best Companies to Work for in America

best companies

Slides instead of stairs and company meetings that feature buffet’s of delicious food may all seem like the makings of an awesome company, but it really comes down to good pay, good colleagues and good opportunities. Each year, employees are handed reviews about the company they work for and they are evaluated compared to all of the other big names in the country. This year, some of the top companies to work for in America may surprise you while others may not. Here they are-

General Mills- This large company is one of the best in the country for a number of reasons. Employees ranked it very high because of the atmosphere of the work space and the way the business is run. General Mills actually encourages employees to rotate through different positions to get a better overall perspective of the company and a better understanding of the processes and challenges going on within the company.

SAS- This is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to employee perks and keeping everyone happy. The business has two artists in residence on staff and takes creativity very seriously, always encouraging it in their employees. They have incredible perks, even including an organic farm for the four cafeterias.

Bain & Company- As a global management consulting firm you might this the atmosphere within this office would be uptight and rigid, however at Bain & Company employees describe their managers and colleagues as down-to-earth, smart and fun people. This company has been hailed as an amazing firm with plenty of opportunities to learn about a variety of industries. The culture includes training that allows workers to get to know all of their peers from all over the world.

Google- You knew this one was coming. So what makes Google one of the best companies to work for? Besides the 100,000 hours of subsidized messages given out in 2012, three new wellness centers and a seven-acre sports complex was added this year which include a ton of different amenities including basketball courts, a roller hockey rink and horseshoe pits. Cool!

Apple- Another company you may have thought would be on the list is this huge technology company. The main reasons it is one of the best companies to work for is because it is on the cutting endue of its industry right now and is blowing up. The atmosphere has been described as very laid back with hands-on work. In addition to this, employees get paid very well. This company has all the makings of a top business in America including flexible work hours, a positive environment, great pay and friendly coworkers. They are also very open to having employees work from home if they so wish and allow may to create whatever schedule works for them.


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