Tips for Getting Media Attention for your Small Business

media attention small business

Getting your small business off the ground is no easy task. Besides all of the hands-on work you need to do, you have to also work hard at gaining attention for your company so you can get customers, build credibility and increase business. If you really want to be an entrepreneur of a successful small business, you have to maximize your efforts in every opportunity to get media attention. Any time positive news about your small business is mentioned in the media you will increase exposure for your company. 

Contact Local Stations- One of the first ways to gain media attention for your small business is to reach out to a variety of different publications and stations (radio, television, newspaper, etc.) to offer to be a filler if they should need a story. Writing succinct and persuasive pitch emails to reporters can be effective in getting their attention and in turn the attention of those who follow their work. Doing this and taking matters into your own hands could reward your company with feature stories on local stations where potential customers could hear or see it. When writing pitch emails to journalists and reporters remember to use an attention-grabbing subject line, personalize each email or letter (never send a mass piece), and take initiative to follow up with a phone call if you don’t hear from them.

Media Relations Tools- Maximize your efforts to gain attention from the media by using some free and inexpensive media relations tools. You can distribute things like press releases and media advisories to a wide range of sources to expose your company. These days there are plenty of areas online that allow you to freely post and submit publications for distribution across a huge network. Free press release sites include, and, while sites for media inquiries and reverse pitches include HARO (, and

Reach out to Bloggers- The world of blogging is exploding right now as one of the most effective platforms to utilize to gain attention for your small business. Blog writers have quickly joined the ranks of other top influencers when it comes to getting the word out about something. As an entrepreneur, it could be beneficial to build and cultivate relationships with bloggers in your niche and in your community to get media attention for your small business. If you do bond with a blogger who is wiling to talk about your product, service or company, you will immediately be exposed to a whole network of people (they’re followers) as well as gain credibility as a business.

Social Media and Publications- Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential resources for expanding your reach as a small business owner. Not only should you use these tools to market your business yourself, but you should use social media as a way to build relationships with people who work in various publications. Get the attention of journalists and reporters by interacting with them in a genuine way online via social media. Once you engage with them and become the face of your company, you may be able to gain some media attention with their followers and friends as well.


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