Tips for Traveling for Free or Super Cheap


Travel is one of the best ways to open your mind and experience all that life has to offer. We all want to get a taste of travel now and then whether its to explore different cultures, visit family or friends, or take a fun vacation. Your financial situation may seem like a huge roadblock in your traveling goals, but there are plenty of ways to travel for super cheap or even free. With a little extra planning and effort you can take a trip to almost any destination you wish without blowing your budget.

House Swap or Home Care- A new trend for travelers is to save money on accommodations by choosing home-swap or home care options. A house swap is when you and another family choose to stay in each others house’s for a certain amount of time so neither of you have to pay money for accommodations AND you get to stay in a nice and comfortable place. Of course, this requires you to have a home to offer up, but it will make traveling much cheaper. Home care or house-sitting will allow you to stay somewhere completely free. If you are happy to spend your vacation or time away caring for someone else’s house, this is an opportunity to help you travel for cheap and stay somewhere free.

Volunteer- Joining an organization that does volunteer work in different parts of the world is one of the best ways to travel for cheap or for free. Not only will you have the opportunity to get away for nearly no money, you will get a chance to see the world while doing good and helping others. If you’re serious about getting the chance to experience different cultures and lands, joining different traveling volunteer groups like Organic Volunteers or WOOFING (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). Considering different opportunities for traveling cheaply while helping others could be the right option for you.

Smart Flights- Of course the cost of flights can be one of the biggest expenses of travel, so you will want to be smart with your options. Planning ahead and looking into budget airlines will help you fly for cheap, especially domestically within areas like Europe. Take some time to put effort into researching different airlines and opportunities for flights by being flexible with your travel dates as well as using comparison sights. International flights will be expensive but in some places, like the U.K., international fares can be quite cheap.

Organize a Group- Traveling for cheap or free can sometimes be an option if you are traveling with a group. Organizing a group tour for several people can often get you great fares on accommodations, entertainment packages and travel expenses. As the group leader, you will be responsible for organizing who’s going and when and where you will be traveling to, but doing this will allow you to get the cheapest rate on the vacation. This is usually used by professors or teachers who organize class trips, but it can work for family and friends too. Check out websites like or for ideas and inquiries.

Couch-surfing- Avid travelers have definitely heard of this service before, and if you’re open to traveling for free or cheap by any means possible, this could be a good option for you. Couch surfing has become known as one of the better ways to find free accommodations through a network of safe and willing homeowners opening their places to frugal travelers. The site only allows high quality members with plenty of referrals as well as a comprehensive program to ensure the safety of the travelers and the hosts. This is an awesome option for traveling cheaply without having to spend a lot of money on accommodations.


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